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As our nation continues to argue while pointing figures at each other and our duly elected President; there is a much deeper concern that needs to be addressed. FORGIVENESS!  

There are two distinct commands that God asks of ALL humanity in the New Covenant………….Receive His son Jesus, (Emanuel) Means God With Us…He came to DIE, so that we may LIVE, that our sins may be FORGIVEN forever, and to practice FORGIVENESS, so that the purpose of Christ’s death & Resurrection could be fulfilled in us as God’s divine creations.

History continually repeats itself; name calling, unfounded accusations, twisting of leaders words and others; deceptive dialog all point to un-forgiveness, all of which have occurred throughout civilizations even before Christ came to live among the corrupt world. But, we today should have the compassion to forgive others for their shortcomings, while forgiving ourselves in those time of stress, confusion, doubt, pain because that is exactly why Christ came to bring forgiveness and healing.

America was called to be “The City of Light Upon The Hill”.  Our country was founded on this principle; yet many have fallen short of the calling; others haven fallen into agreement of Deception and others have made their living criticizing others that they don’t even know……This is evil and in God’s eyes it is SIN!  While I have compassion for those who do not walk in the ways of God, because they do not know his ways, their are many Christians who also bow to another God (DECEPTION) while pronouncing themselves Christians.  DECEPTION shows up in many forms; 1.] Believing we know what is righteous; 2.] Believing we are the only one who has the answers 3.]  Believing that we have the right to judge others, which creates division leading to chaos.

Leading by example is a choice we can make……If you want change, then you need to be that change in a dark, ugly, hateful, self-gratifying society that exists at  this moment.  My faith tells me it can change through FORGIVENESS. The example is at the Throne of God, where Jesus sits interceding continuously for all the world; it is where the Mercy seat is……… His Mercies are new each day! “Seek first the Kingdom of God & All these other things will be given unto us!” change comes when we return to the foundation on which this country was founded “IN GOD WE TRUST”.  I believe this speaks to the present day chaos in this country. We now have strong Christian men leading this country, speaking the truth, it is the catalyst causing strife for those who do not agree with the foundational principles this country was founded upon.  CHANGE IS COMING FOLKS, but it is not what you think.  God says ‘I USE ALL THINGS FOR MY GLORY’,

Today, I ask you, please join me in that change……..take a moment to ask yourself…. Who am I?… What am I contributing to my country through my words, my work, my behavior?….Am I part of the positive change that needs to heal the wounds that have tainted this nation?… Or, do I choose to ….1.]FORGIVEmyself……2]. My president…..3.] Other Leaders….4.News media…5.] My family members…7.] Those who don’t agree with me including society in general.

Number 7 represents completion; Number 8 represents NEW BEGINNINGS.  Let us walk together in FORGIVENESS…. producing NEW BEGINNINGS for an opportunity to start anew as ONE PEOPLE……AMERICANS!  Remember Prayer moves God, while  Forgiveness holds HIS POWER!!