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Wednesday I heard the Spirit say to me “A Set-Up” is being created in the natural through all social groups. It will bring a “Break-UP” of all the things that are holding the country in hostage, confusion, division, DECEPTION, which brings anger, unfounded accusations; finger pointing leading to a negative level of discouragement.
Disenfranchised groups of people are moving into  a dangerous level of depression. A critical spirit is attempting to overcome many; even believers are falling into deeper oppression, which is the greatest tool of the enemy against my people. 
This is the critical time for Believers to dig deep into their faith, otherwise they shall fall aside; separating themselves from the “LOVE” of the father.  So, I tell you today by the Spirit that I your Lord am causing a “Set-Up” leading to the “Break-UP” that will bring the “BREAK THROUGH”……For my spirit to be the revealed light unto those who are in darkness. They still possess “FREE WILL” to choose me or not; but in this time the “BREAK THROUGH” that is coming will be so strong…. overshadowing those things that have brought blindness to many, confusing to most. Those who are not in my family shall not be able to “RESIST”; they will become participants in the greatest rival that the world has ever seen!  GET READY!, GET READY, GET READY my followers for you shall stand in the GAP for those that are going to fall on their knees crying & calling out for salvation.