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There are thirty-nine books in both the Christian Old Testament and the Jewish Bible.  While they are arranged in different formats. In Jewish traditions the Bible is called the “Tanakh’, an acronym for Hebrew  “TORAH”, meaning law, or teaching. Nevi’im [The Prophets], and Kethuvim  for [the writings].
The Old Testament’s first five books, the Pentateuch, were considered Authoritative Scripture by the time of Ezra in the fifth century B.C.  It was only later that the other books were recognized as part of the Old Testament.
Jesus as a young Jewish boy was a student of the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings. He was able to recite them by heart by the time he was twelve. None of these teachings, etc were in print during his life-time he learned them by rote from scrolls kept by the teachers and rabbis. 
The earliest reference to the Old Testament, was in regards to “The Law of Moses”, The Law of The Lord”, NOTE:  Wherever the word, “law” is seen….the Jewish reference would be “TORAH”.