Reverend Lenna Cooke-Carpentier

Lenna Coke CarpetierLenna has a very bold nature with a Breaker Anointing. She works through prayer,  while also declaring  the prophetic word that breaks open generations of strongholds enabling people to receive God’s Love and Blessings.  She is often moved by the Spirit of God to intercede in spiritual warfare for circumstances outside her immediate sphere of influence.

She was ordained as a non-denominational Minister through Trumpets Of  Silver Bible College by college director Dr. Becky Tiner. 

Lenna has developed a series of studies entitled “ Biblical  Enrichment & Edification Studies.”  The focus is to help Believers live a Victorious Life by following God’s Principles and Plan for all of Humanity, through a personal relationship with Christ and Him crucified, based on the original teachings and writings of the Apostle Paul, her favorite author in the New Testament.

Lenna was ordained in the Church of God June 2017, she serves in The Well Church Santee.CA as Clerk/Treasurer, while also in Teaching Ministry & Healing Prayer Ministry.


Dr. Becky Tiner

Pastor Becky as she is referred to by many friends and students has a very clear and direct prophetic gifting.  She is very reluctant to say Dr. Becky Tinershe walks in the office of the prophet; while she boldly delivers a thought from the throne of God with confidence and clarity. The Word of Knowledge is a regular occurrence in her ministry as well as prophecy and understanding visions and dreams.

Becky served as an associate Pastor at Oasis Christian Mission Center in Sacramento for many years.  One of her most rewarding classes was her Sunday night Prophetic Class.  She demonstrated the word of the Lord and taught others to experience the leading of the Holy Spirit and then how to interpret and deliver the word of the Lord.

She also conducted an affiliate Bible College thru ICBT and developed a 2-years training program to prepare men and women for church leadership.

She was a teacher with International College of Bible Theology in a 2-year program in Kiev Ukraine, preparing men and women for the work of the ministry.  Also she worked with Victorious Living Ministries in Bungoma Kenya as a teacher in a Bible Training Center for pastors and church leaders

During her missionary work she experienced the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in many ways which changed her life. She knows what it is like to walk into what seemed like a brick wall of the Holy spirit, shaking under his power, not being able to stand in His presence, delivering prophetic words from the floor, being lifted out of her chair, and as others have described such experiences…………………… “Meeting Him Face to Face in the Spirit”.

Dr. Tiner still maintains her own ministry “Trumpets of Silver” which offers ordination.


Teddy  Cooke McBee

Teddy Cooke McBeeTeddy is gifted in the study of the word; receiving clear revelation. He enjoys researching the history of scripture interpretation. Teaching, praying, and giving words of encouragement to anyone he meets. He is also gifted with Healing Hands always being lead by the Spirit of God. 

He is an active member of a church in Southern Ohio; considered a pillar in his congregation. He shares and teaches from the foundational studies; “Biblical Enrichment & Edification Studies”; helping others mature in their faith through these studies.

The Book of Romans is Teddy’s Favorite book to study because Paul took his complete teaching and put it into Romans to present it to the Gentiles in Rome. He sees it as a composite of Paul’s other writings.

Favorite Scripture of Teddy’s is Romans: 8:1-2, because I believe it sets the foundation for a believer to stand in; while verse 2 states the two greatest laws in the Universe.